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SPEECHLESS. Heavenly Healing Opportunity.
I was literally screaming and jumping late at night. My heart was pumping. I had difficulty finding words. And I thought that I was dreaming.
The following email shows perfectly that MIRACLES do HAPPEN! About a month ago I sent an application with supportive documents that got me to this wonderful point..

Congratulations Elsa!
You have been approved to receive a scholarship to the Austin Progressive Workshop!
Give 2 Give will pay for the workshop on your behalf in the amount of $449!
We loved the amazing things you are doing in the world and are excited to be assisting in your future dreams!
Jacob from Insight Events will get you registered!
Enjoy the workshop!
Paula Meyer
Manager & Executive Assistant to Dr. Joe Dispenza

And my REPLY.

Hello Paula and the Miracle Workers,
OMG!!! I can’t believe it! This is the greatest thing I have ever heard in my life. I am shaking all over and can’t wait to hug everyone who have been involved in making one of my biggest dreams possible. I am out of words!!!
Huggins you all to the moon and back. WOW. I will see my superhero Dr. Joe Dispenza. Am I dreaming.. I hope not : )
See you soon guys! In LOVE.
With Love,
Elsa Saks

Bit of a overshare or what.. hahahaa. I am going on a workshop on 21st -23rd of January in Austin, Texas.

About two years ago I dived into Dr. Joe Dispenza book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. I fell in love! The wisdom in that book opened my mind in new ways and made me a believer of the magnificence inside and outside of me. And then Dr. Joe’s latest book “You Are the Placebo”, it took me on a never-ending journey – applying his teachings! It all became a huge part, actually one of the most important parts, of Generosity Travels.

Dr. Dispenza’s work has helped me to understand the power of my mind and in a short period of time I started seeing how toxic my mind was to pursue happiness, health and achieve my ultimate goals. I can’t imagine a life without the knowledge Dr. Joe Dispenza is sharing with the world.

We are pure energy. Our minds are incredibly powerful to the extent that we can’t even imagine how powerful they are. We control our own genes not the other way around. We create our own reality – our thoughts and actions have frequency. Love conquers all. We are all one.

I started thinking, questioning, applying and living. Fear started fading away. And so I became fearless on my travels. The new info literally changed the way I see fear and react to it. That’s also why I can’t stop saying that fear is an illusion which limits our minds to stop doing the things we love doing.

And the best is yet to come! I have noticed that I am a world class manifestor. All the big events, after Australia, I’ve manifested in my life. Un[effing]believable.

I wasn’t a reader. I wasn’t interested learning the wisdom of great teachers. I wasn’t ready to throw out the negative beast inside of me, in fact I didn’t even know its existence. I just did my thing. I loved it though but not as much as what I’ve been doing recently. I found peace. I found happiness. I found purpose. I found greater love. And it can be your story! Make it. Live it. If you need guidance then listen to that inner voice, called intuition. Quiet the ego and tune in.

Difficult? Yes indeed, but not impossible.

Thank You Encephalon Team and Dr. Joe Dispenza. I AM INSANELY GRATEFUL. Miraculous days are just around the corner! Can’t waiiiit. Ready to experience new exciting things. Learning. Meditating. And hopefully curing my lower back pain which got me the ticket in. An empowerment to get a bulletproof body, boost up my rock solid mind and a grateful soul to use it as my most powerful weapon when giving love, receiving love and being love.

With Love.
Elsa Saks

Dear Paula,

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to go to Joe’s workshop. I would have sent this email sooner, but I was spending most of my waking hours in serious meditation and concentrating on overcoming some major stuff. Since the workshop, I stopped having seizures. Also, doctors told me I couldn’t get off xanax or valium because id have a seizure and die, but if I absolutely had to get off of them id have to taper off them slowly over the span of a year and then the withdrawals would cause debilitating symptoms during that time and for a year after. Well, guess what? I quit taking them 2 weeks ago, and my body and mind were raging at first but I stuck firmly to my intention and I feel better than ever now –so much so that I’m about to go for a run! It’s been 5 years since I have been able to do that!



Shelley White

Joe, as promised, here it is!! You ARE gonna believe this!!!!!! 🙂


Using ONLY quantum healing (primarily your meditations and methods). No chemo, no radiation, no surgery, no foods, diets, fads, tricks or ‘cures’.
Thank You Joe… words just can’t say. I would really love to have a visit with you — I’m not far from Seattle.

In just weeks of meditating since the Tacoma Advanced Workshop (I met you in the courtyard and then we chatted in the elevator, if you might remember), my CA125 levels have come down from 6767.7 to 4113.3 (that is, by almost 40%)!! AND, the tumors have shrunk to half their size, the skin lesions are simply vanishing, and every day, the tumors are shrinking more.

USING ONLY QUANTUM HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No chemo, no radiation, no surgery, no diets or special fads, gimmicks or restrictive, fear-based or other ‘cure’ methods.

My doctors are thrilled and astounded, and met with me to get my methods and insights, and are headed out to buy your book. I can hardly wait to fully embark on my mission bringing this forward to help heal the world! I know this is the higher purpose in my having experienced this cancer.

Sending huge waves of love and gratitude, and look forward to hearing from you,

Sandra Deseron