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*Our Events are often filmed. Please indicate below if we have permission to film or photograph you? *If you opt NO below, there will be seating restrictions for this event in order to ensure you are not filmed. This will cause separation from your Team seating arrangement at times as well as other event activities. Also, please note that while we do not allow workshop participants to film or photograph any portion of Dr. Joe’s events, we cannot guarantee others will use discretion during the event, or while filming or photographing during breaks. *
*I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in any and all of the ongoing meditation activities sponsored by Encephalon, Inc. and Dr Joe Dispenza. I am also aware that these activities may include a silent, intensive meditation retreat and that participants in such retreats may experience intense and unusual psychological, spiritual, emotional, and/or physical states of mind and body arising from the meditation in associated workshop activities. I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the potential of unusual events and hereby agree to accept any and all risks of harm. *
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*Special Dietary Requests: If you selected any dietary preferences or combinations of above, this information is gathered and passed on to the hotel in the form of overall %'s for the entire group. All meals will be buffet style with the dietary preferences labeled. You will be able to make your own healthy selections during each of the buffet meals. *If you require special dietary restrictions or have special medical dietary needs beyond the options offered above and, due to limitations with the hotel and catering, you may need to make alternate arrangements if you feel the above options will not accommodate your needs. We ask kindly that you do not contact the hotel as they will not be able to accommodate individual requests. *
*Booking your Accommodations. All room booking instructions will be provided in your Welcome Email. Book right away as room will sell out quickly. Please use the booking link provided in your email to receive the group rate. Room rates are not included in workshop price. Encephalon is not responsible for accommodations or travel. *We suggest NOT booking your flights until you have secured accommodations for this event. Encephalon is not responsible for rooms or flights. Please be aware of the slight risk rooms could possibly be sold out by the time you complete your registration. If you find rooms have in fact sold out, please watch for alternative lodging. *
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*Ideally, you should have completed your Mind Movie and downloaded to your device BEFORE arriving at the workshop as we cannot guarantee that the Wi-Fi will be adequate to complete your movie at the event. The Mind Movie Team will be onsite and will provide labs for those who still need help, however, if you do need help you should already have activated your Mind Movie account and begun creating your Mind Movie BEFORE you arrive. If you will be attending the Labs, please make sure that you have a laptop with you, as you cannot create a Mind Movie with your smartphone. It is possible to do it on a tablet, but it’s much easier with a laptop. *
*For Mind Movies to provide you with your FREE Mind Movies account, we will need to send them your full name and email address. Please select the check box below to allow us *
*For Team Assignments, Dr. asks that everyone step into the unknown and allow the selections process to take place naturally. Unfortunately, we can no longer take requests for teams. *The exception to this will be any medical or care giver need to be on the same team as someone they are assisting. If this applies to you, please email Again, medical or care giving needs are the only team request we can take for this event. *
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